Family Life Report 1-4-19

01.04.19 | Rick Snavely



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on 01.09.19 Wendy S Rogers commented

I am a monthly Walk In The Word Faith Partner..

This change saddens me. I have been listening to Family Life AND WITW for 7 yrs at least! I am 61 yrs old drive at least and hour and fifteen minutes each end of my work day and when I began doing that, I prayed that God would give me something on the radio to show me he was with me!( of course I already KNEW he was.. and IS>. but, needed some help with that drive!) As I searched the stations, there were these two males voices.. SO timely so comforting SO REAL! Pastor James and Wayne! I have listened TWICE every day since!

Pastor Greg is good.. but, just not as timely to me.. I will give it a few weeks to hopefully fill that long commute.

I hope he does you guys well.. I feel like you may lose listeners..

God Bless..
Wendy Rogers