Artist Interview: Jeremy Camp Gets Reckless

02.15.13 | Sonny Delfyette

Jeremy Camp has a brand new album, but why did he call it "Reckless"? He talks about that, his new book "I Still Believe," and so much more with Sonny Delfyette.


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on 02.21.13 Lorraine (Lori) Wenck commented

Thank YOU, FATHER, for YOUR grace on our brother, Jeremy, who has ministered to me so deeply via the inspired songs he shares. At the age of 58, having been through painful trials in many areas, I so enjoy sitting in my room listening to "Reckless" and chair dancing with awesome joy in the LORD. Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU . . . . carry on bro!

on 02.23.13 David DiNardo commented

Thank You so much for the great interview with Jeremy, I saw him in concert last November at my church and he was so uplifting. I was brought to your station by the Lord and I LOVE THE LORD with all my heart not to mention your station and the work everyone does there.