Artist Interview - Everfound (From Russia to Christ)

07.08.13 | Sonny Delfyette


Before the fall of the Soviet Union, American missionaries would set up Christian radio stations along the Soviet border and transmit the Gospel into the communist territory. For the four brothers of the Russian-born band Everfound, who immigrated to Denver, Colorado when they were young children, this is part of how their parents learned about Jesus Christ. Their ancestors’ commitment to their faith resulted in hardships that are difficult for the band to imagine but now serve as their primary inspiration. Their great-grandfather spent 20 years in prison for owning a Bible. Sonny chats with Everfound lead singer Nikita about their journey and their debut self-titled album in this interview.


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on 05.02.16 juila commented

me and my sister Sabrina is absent with everfound and here songs the song that we liked the most is take this city LOVE THAT ONE