50 Shades of Dark

02.13.15 | Sonny Delfyette

Ron Hutchcraft would like to have a word with you about the movie FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Why Christians should not see the movie, how it's a great possibility to share our faith, and why sex IS beautiful. If you're thinking of seeing this movie, please take the time to listen to this interview first. And please share this with any of your friends who plan to see FIFTY SHADES.


For more on Ron Hutchcraft, you can go to www.hutchcraft.com or www.sexatitsbest.com


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on 02.13.15 Mark Schnitzer commented

The reality is that some people enjoy sadomasochism, and for them it is just a part of their sexual intimacy.
I see a bigger problem here in that we as Christians feel the need to get on our high "morality" horse every time there is something we don't like to see in our culture. Our culture is fallen, what do we expect? Yes, our culture perverts and changes many of the things God has called good. So what should we do? Scream about it, or reach out to people with unconditional love, and LISTEN to them, care for them and speak grace to them.
Instead of being against everything, lets try understanding.
Mark Schnitzer

on 02.13.15 Sonny commented

Hi Mark, thank you for your input brother. We pray you can listen to the interview with Ron Hutchcraft. In it you'll hear exactly what you suggest, ways to reach out to others in love, and not sharing our thoughts with condemnation.
Thanks again friend.

on 03.11.15 David John Eden commented

So grateful for voices & hearts like Ron's. Street-wise & Heaven-smart. Speaking the truth in love. Portraying purity w/o being religious, celebrating holiness w/o getting holier-than-thou. In a culture gone mad in their pleasures, idols & fantasies, may Jesus shake us out of holy huddles into the war for hearts. The enemy's come in like a flood. Praying for revival & more troops like you guys who are part of His banner.