Family Life Podcasts

She Says 13: Prayer

02.24.10 | She Says

What is prayer? How do we pray? What is the purpose of prayer? She Says opens the discussion.

She Says 12: Christian Authenticity

02.10.10 | She Says

Authenticity. Transparency. Vulnerability. Are they just cultural buzzwords or can we really "be real" in the Church?

She Says 11: Guilt

01.27.10 | She Says

It’s not easy wrestling with guilt and how to resolve it. There’s some tender sharing on this She Says podcast.

She Says 10: New Year's Resolutions

01.13.10 | She Says

Struggle with New Year's Resolutions? You're not alone. The She Says crew talks about ways to change your life...without trying to do it on your own.

She Says 9: Spiritual Disciplines

12.23.09 | She Says

The She Says crew brainstorms about spiritual disciplines and ways to walk closer with God.

She Says 8: Forgiveness

12.13.09 | She Says

She Says talks about today the concept of forgiveness and forgetting. The She Says women get up close and personal about this issue and share from their hearts.

Interview With She Says: 12-2-09

12.02.09 | She Says

What place do role models have in our culture?  Is it important to have a role model or two in your life?

She Says 7: Role Models

11.29.09 | She Says

Role models are important for Christian women. Everyone needs someone to learn from. But when it comes to picking role models, what does the world – Christian and non-Christian – present as aspiring qualities?

Interview with She Says: 11-25-09

11.29.09 | She Says

Kurt & Jean talk with Mary and Emily about the upcoming She Says that deals with when its not nice. to be nice.

She Says 6: When "Niceness" Isn't Nice

11.18.09 | She Says

Christians are expected to be nice, get along, and show love to one another. But sometimes love doesn’t come in sugary sweet packages. It can mean saying and doing the hard things.