Family Life Podcasts

She Says 23: She Says Meets He Says

10.20.10 | She Says

What is this? Men? On She Says? It's true. The S.S. crew looks for the male perspective on everything from gender roles to the laundry. That's right...laundry.

She Says 22: Balancing Life

09.21.10 | She Says

It's a common dilemma in a woman's life - how do I keep my life in balance?

She Says 21: Woman to Woman

08.17.10 | She Says

Ever wanted another Christian woman to walk the journey of faith with you?

She Says 20: Transitions

07.18.10 | She Says

Ever feel like you're in that in-between place ... sensing that you are moving out of one phase of life but you're not quite into the next one yet?  The women of She Says can identify!

She Says 19: Parenting

06.09.10 | She Says

Parenting is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. But, along with the joys come struggles. She Says' special guest, Liz Goff, hops into this conversation with Mary and Martha.

She Says 18: Dating

05.19.10 | She Says

Dating ... it’s complicated! The old adage “first comes love, then comes marriage” doesn’t always happen as smoothly as it used to.

She Says 17: Singleness

04.28.10 | She Says

She Says tackles singleness with some personal reflections and humor on this thought provoking podcast. "Singleness... what’s up with that?"

She Says 16: Emotional Pain

04.14.10 | She Says

Emotional pain can cripple us if we don't deal with it. Patti Anderson, Family Life’s counselor joins She Says in a discussion about "hurts of the heart."

She Says 15: Priorities

03.24.10 | She Says

As a woman (or man who loves one), you know that a woman’s life is busy, busy, busy! She Says delves into the world of “plate spinning” and some possible remedies.

She Says 14: Insecurity

03.10.10 | She Says

Like the rest of the population, Christians often wrestle with a monster. That monster’s name is "Insecurity." This She Says discussion hopes to offer you an upper hand in the struggle.