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She Says 43: Comparison

04.16.14 | She Says

Is comparison really the thief of joy?

She Says 42: Reaction vs. Response

02.12.14 | She Says

When life isn’t going how you hoped, what is a person to do?

She Says 41: Longing

01.06.14 | She Says

How do you keep from getting a sick heart while you wait for things?

She Says 40: Identity

12.09.13 | She Says

What type of mirror are you using to view who you are on the inside? Is it warped and blurred, or is reflecting the truth?

Say Says 39: Contentment

11.04.13 | She Says

Have you ever had a season when everything seems to be going fine, but you feel stuck and discontent, or when everything was chaotic but you had contentment and peace?

She Says 38: Keeping Christ in Christmas

12.01.12 | She Says

Nicole, Diane, and April share their fondest Christmas memories and chat about how to keep Christ in Christmas.

She Says 37: Change - The Good, the Bad, and the ...Inevitable

11.01.12 | She Says

All living things go through change, but how do you deal with it? Join Diane, Nicole, and April as they discuss the joys and frustrations of our ever changing world.

She Says 36: Living the "In Christ" Life

04.27.12 | She Says

What's it like to live "in Christ"? April, Nicole and Mary share their personal faith walks.

She Says 35: Repentance - Lord Change Me!

01.24.12 | She Says

Since repentance is proclaimed by every prophet and apostle throughout the Bible, it must be glorious!

She Says 34: Joy!

10.31.11 | She Says

Need a "joy burst" today? Join the She Says team as joy bubbles to the surface during the podcast!