Family Life Podcasts

Family Life Mornings Week of 8/28/17

09.02.17 | Family Life Mornings

From Hurricane Harvey and computers that smell to funny kid compliments and the Bible in just 50 words, Steve, Terese and Randy brought fun to the morning all week.

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/31/17

07.29.17 | Family Life Mornings

You can always count on Steve, Terese and Randy for the unexpected smile. Whether it's from a dead fly in your fake eyelashes, or the story of a boy who will make you want to live your life better. Catch up with Family Life Mornings!

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/24/17

07.28.17 | Family Life Mornings

From stinky smells and talking with your hands, to fun contest with Kari Jobe and We are Messengers, take a trip down Memory Lane with Steve, Terese and Randy.

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/17/17

07.22.17 | Family Life Mornings

Join Steve, Terese & Randy weekday mornings from 6am-10am for a fun way to start your day! This week we talked about everything from perfecting PB&J to improving your IQ to a spelling face off between Terese and Randy. Listen in for a look back.

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/11/17

07.14.17 | Family Life Mornings

Join Steve, Terese & Randy weekday mornings from 6am-10am for a fun way to start your day!

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns

02.08.17 | Family Life Mornings

Casting Crowns performs in Binghamton, NY on February 19th. Lead Singer Mark Hall talked with Steve, Terese and Randy about what's coming up at the show and what it's like being a youth leader in Atlanta, GA.

Zach Williams: Chainbreaker

01.18.17 | Terese Main

Raised in a small-town church, Zach Williams turned to the bar scene as an outlet for his music. By day, he worked on his dad's construction site, where only Christian music played. Even then, God used that music to prepare Zach for where he is now.

Todd Smith from Selah

12.05.16 | Terese Main

Todd Smith is the lead singer of Selah. The group will be in concert for four nights, starting 12/8. He talks about life with four daughters, new music, and what to expect at the show.

Thanksgiving Guests We Forgot

11.21.16 | Family Life Mornings

There an entire population of Americans who are forgotten about at Thanksgiving. Ron Hutchcraft says Native Americans are hurting this time of year.

Meeting Vincenzina

09.30.16 | Family Life Mornings

Terese had the joy of meeting Vincenzina from North Tonawanda, NY at the Newsboys concert in Buffalo, NY. She blessed us again by checking my phone the next morning.