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12 Terese Talk: Blue Monday

01.19.21 | Terese Main

You did it! You survived the saddest day of the year! The third Monday in January has become known as Blue Monday. So if you started out the week feeling kinda down, you're not alone. Terese has some great advice on how to help yourself, and others shake the blues. We can get though this...

082: Family Life Mornings

01.16.21 | Family Life Mornings

There's a brand new radio station Terese would like to send Steve to. They say it's "out of this world!" Plus some fun new ideas for doggie ice cream and how a little room can net you some big money if you're selling your house. Catch up on what you might have missed on Family Life Mornings!

11 Terese Talk: Word of the Year

01.12.21 | Terese Main

Have you selected your Word of the Year for 2021? Lots of people focus on one word through the year, to keep them focused on growing in a certain area of their faith. This year, Terese has chosen "obedience." Listen to this episode to find out why, and get encouraged with your own word.

081: Family Life Mornings

01.09.21 | Family Life Mornings

Starting your day with Steve, Terese & Randy is a great way to get some joy in your life. Listen to what you may have missed this week, including a record number of pies and lots of ways to say, "I love you." Plus, some bad news for the guy who is suing King's Hawaiian. We're breaking it to him...

10 Terese Talk: GLAD Journalling

01.05.21 | Terese Main

With this new year, maybe journalling is something new you want to try! By using the GLAD method, you'll be able to appreciate what God is doing in your life and look back to see how you have grown as the months go on. 2021 also marks a change to Terese Talk. This podcast is now shorter and...

080: Family Life Mornings

01.02.21 | Family Life Mornings

Can you believe 2020 is history? Steve, Terese and Randy wrap up the year with incredible stories about a pint-sized hunter, a generous hot-dog stand owner and dogs with sensory super powers! Don't miss a minute of the fun! Family Life Mornings is a morning radio show on Family Life, a...

079: Family Life Mornings

12.23.20 | Family Life Mornings

Think of it as an early Christmas gift. This episode brings you loads of holiday cheer from Steve, Terese & Randy. There's a tale of an amazing teacher, a story about a guy who only wears red and white (but isn't Santa) and and interesting parallel between Jesus and the movie Home Alone...

076: Family Life Mornings

11.28.20 | Family Life Mornings

A couple of 94-year olds are making the news. Hear about them, along with the real reason you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner! (HINT: It's not the turkey). Catch up with what you might have missed on Family Life Mornings. Family Life Mornings is a morning radio show on Family Life, a...

075: Family Life Mornings

11.21.20 | Family Life Mornings

It's Thanksgiving week and Steve, Terese & Randy have all sort of help for you to have the best holiday EVER! There are secret stuffing ingredients, a poll to unlock your personality via your favorite side dish, and twelve days of leftovers ready to put into effect! Family Life Mornings is a...

009: Ten Minutes With...Austin French

11.20.20 | Terese Main

He's not even 30, but already Austin French has a lot of life figured out. He has reconciled with God and his parents after they divorced while he was in the 3rd Grade. Now, a man with his own wife and kids, he finds family more important than ever. He writes about his experiences in his songs...

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