Family Life Podcasts

Kingdom Bound 2017 - We Are Messengers

07.27.17 | Terese Main

Darren Mulligan is lead singer of We Are Messengers. The Irishman talked with Terese about the message God has called him to share, and about why he is learning to love America.

Kingdom Bound 2017 - Rend Collective

07.27.17 | Terese Main

Rend Collective was part of the Night of Worship at Kingdom Bound 2017. Chris and Gareth talk about being parents while also being on the road. They also shared about their favorite cereal.

Kingdom Bound 2016 - Jordan Feliz

07.22.16 | Terese Main

Jordan Feliz almost didn't make it to Kingdom Bound. Airline issues left him stranded, so he rented a car to drive the final six hours to Darien Lake. After his set, he caught up with Terese Main to talk about babies, hats and making music for Jesus.

Kingdom Bound 2016 - Sidewalk Prophets

07.21.16 | Terese Main

Sidewalk Prophets has come a ways from their days of sleeping in janitor's closets after shows. Lead singer, Dave Frey talked with Terese Main about their luxurious bus and the heart behind their music before their concert at Kingdom Bound.

Kingdom Bound 2016 - Matt Maher

07.20.16 | Terese Main

Before his concert at Kingdom Bound, Matt Maher took some time with Terese Main to talk about his wife's connection to Western New York. They also discussed how the writing process changes when little kids are involved in your everyday life.

Kingdom Bound 2015- Rend Collective

07.25.15 | Terese Main

Rend Collective always puts on a lively show. Chris and Gareth sit down to share about the band's mission, their new CD and even a little Norn Ire lesson.

Kingdom Bound 2015- Plumb

07.25.15 | Terese Main

Plumb hit it big with her song "Need You Now," which was a prayer that came from her heart into a song. She shares about her marriage reconciliation and the letter from a fan that stopped her from quitting music.

Kingdom Bound 2015- Pastor Pat Hilkey

07.24.15 | Terese Main

Family Life is blessed by the churches we are able to partner with. As a para-church organization, our goal is never to replace the local church, but compliment it. Pat Hilkey pastors Evangel Church in Buffalo, NY and has been gracious to share his facility with Family Life.

Kingdom Bound 2015- Yves Dushime

07.24.15 | Terese Main

Yves Dushime was a small child in Togo, Africa when he received a scarf in his Operation: Christmas Child shoebox. Little did he know that gift would play a role later in his life.

Kingdom Bound 2015- Carol McLeod

07.24.15 | Terese Main

Carol McLeod's Just Joy Ministry is focused on finding the joy in the journey of life. It was in the darkest time of her life that God showed her through His Word, that there is joy, even in despair.