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Kids Corner: Is Love Always Mushy?

02.16.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when we talk about loving others, it sounds like a lot of valentines to send. But this week, Mr. Jacobs explains that love is a little more than hearts and flowers.

Kids Corner: Waiting for Spring

02.09.19 | Matt Jackson

Winter can be fun, but Everett and Kyle are a little tired of it. When will it end!? Why do we have to wait? Why doesn't God bring spring sooner?

Kids Corner: Groundhog Day?

02.02.19 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of holidays here in the USA, but some can be really weird. Join our friends as they talk about traditions and why we have them.

Kids Corner: Studying the Bible

01.27.19 | Matt Jackson

The bible is pretty amazing. It's a book written by God! But why did He write it? Do we need know everything in it? Let's find out!

Kids Corner: Who is Great?

01.19.19 | Matt Jackson

There are many people that we think are great for one reason or another... but what does God think makes someone great?

Kids Corner: Learning From Mistakes

01.12.19 | Matt Jackson

When we make bad decisions, it can make things really hard. Ashley's learning this truth firsthand and Mr. Jacobs is trying to help. Is there any hope in this situation? Listen in to find out!

Kids Corner: Changes

01.05.19 | Matt Jackson

Things are always changing, but at the same time when New Year's comes around it doesn't seem all that different. This week Mr. Jacobs and the kids talk about why changes can be important.

Kids Corner: New Year's Drama Special 2019

12.29.18 | Matt Jackson

2018 was a great year! There we so many lessons and fun dramas we had to take some time to look back on them. Enjoy!

Kids Corner: Christmas Drama Special 2018

12.22.18 | Matt Jackson

It's Christmastime! And as always on the Kid's Corner, it's a look back to some of this year's dramas! Merry Christmas!

Kids Corner: Finding The Perfect Gift

12.15.18 | Matt Jackson

Finding the perfect gift for somebody isn't always as easy as it sounds. What makes the perfect gift? Let find out together this week!

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