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Kids Corner: Why be Careful?

04.20.19 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of bible verses about how God takes care of His children. But if God is keeping us safe, then why should we be careful and not do dangerous things?

Kids Corner: Getting Credit

04.13.19 | Matt Jackson

When people do great things they should get rewarded for it, but shouldn't God get the credit? After all, they couldn't do anything without Him... right?

Kids Corner: Don't get Tricked

03.30.19 | Matt Jackson

Artie and Carson are looking for the best prank to play on everyone, and Laura is trying to steer clear of being tricked. How do we know what is true and what isn't? Maybe Mr. Jacobs can explain.

Kids Corner: Waiting for Jesus

03.23.19 | Matt Jackson

Joy and Carson are worried. Has Miss Fiona forgotten their plans to go swimming? It sure has taken her a long time to show up, which reminds Mr. Jacobs of another group of people who were waiting for someone to arrive.

Kids Corner: Is Revenge Wrong?

03.16.19 | Matt Jackson

When people treat us badly, it's really tempting to want revenge. This week Artie is looking for a way to get back at his older brother, and the rest of the kids don't know if that's what God wants us to do.

Kids Corner: This Little Light

03.09.19 | Matt Jackson

The kids and Mr. Jacobs are trying to have fun with a toy solar panel... but it would help if the sun would cooperate. What good is light if it doesn't do anything?

Kids Corner: Can I Be Perfect?

03.02.19 | Matt Jackson

Joy is working on perfecting her piano piece for a show, but she still is making mistakes. Is it possible to never make mistakes? Find out this week!

Kids Corner: How to Help

02.23.19 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of people that need help, and this morning Veronica is on a mission to be a helper. Join her and Laura as Miss Fiona explains what makes a good helper.

Kids Corner: Is Love Always Mushy?

02.16.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when we talk about loving others, it sounds like a lot of valentines to send. But this week, Mr. Jacobs explains that love is a little more than hearts and flowers.

Kids Corner: Waiting for Spring

02.09.19 | Matt Jackson

Winter can be fun, but Everett and Kyle are a little tired of it. When will it end!? Why do we have to wait? Why doesn't God bring spring sooner?

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