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Kids Corner - Faith Still Works

11.16.19 | Tim Powers

Waiting...waiting... Kyle and Everett are doing just that to see if they'll win a mail-in "ancient treasure" prize! If they just believe enough, will it happen? Mr. Jacobs explains why faith doesn't quite work that way... (Scripture: Hebrews 11, Matthew 17, Luke 18)

Kids Corner – What Does It Mean to be Spiritual? 11-2-19

11.02.19 | Tim Powers

“Learn the Secrets of the Universe!” …Sam’s not sure how to feel about a flyer she found for classes on being spiritual. Does God want us to be spiritual? Wait – what does “spiritual” even mean? Don’t worry; Mr. Jacobs will do his best to clear things up with some wisdom from the Bible!

Kids Corner 10_26_19 – Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

10.26.19 | Tim Powers

Iced tea can be considered fancy, right? Hopefully, because that's what Joy and Gwen are sipping at their elegant tea party. Fun turns to fear when Joy breaks one of her mom's most special tea cups! Messing up can make us afraid of getting in trouble, but Mr. Jacobs and Miss Fiona share...

Kids Corner- What is Wisdom? 10-19-19

10.19.19 | Tim Powers

Party’s are fun- but planning them? Not so much. That’s what Bailey’s up to, and she’s separating the good ideas for party games from the bad ones. It starts a conversation about what wisdom means in the Bible; it might be different than you think!

Kids Corner 10_12_19 – The Exodus: A Drama

10.12.19 | Tim Powers

The Kids Corner gang goes on an imagination adventure to the Old Testament times. But what can a kid learn from a story about Israelite's wandering in the desert? Come along on the journey and find out!

Kids Corner 9-21-19 - How To Lead Well

09.21.19 | Tim Powers

What do sled dogs, Flin, and good leaders have in common? OK, so even if Flin can't pull a sled in the snow, a pack needs a good leader! Bailey, Gwen and Laura's curiosity makes for a fun lesson with Mr. Jacobs about how God uses people to lead.

Kids Corner 9_14_19 – The Golden Rule

09.14.19 | Tim Powers

It's fun to go back to school and see all your friends again. Unless, of course, you've had a hard time making friends, like Everett... He and Joy get some good advice from Miss Fiona and Sam about more than just making friends, but being good friends, too, when they learn about The Golden Rule.

Kids Corner 9_7_19 – Respect Your Elders

09.07.19 | Tim Powers

Moving isn't usually fun... Veronica's dad is moving their family - again - and she's having a hard time with it. Mr. Jacobs has some good advice for how (and why) to respect people older than us. Meanwhile, the gang says goodbye to a friend for now...

Kids Corner 8-31 – Why to Do Hard Things

08.31.19 | Tim Powers

Ever get signed up for something you weren’t too excited about? That’s how Artie feels about the swimming lessons his parents are sending him to. Should we keep trying when something seems too hard? Mr. Jacobs gives his personal insight on the topic.

Kids Corner 8/24 How Can Jesus Be My Friend?

08.26.19 | Tim Powers

As back-to-school-season gets closer, Monica worries about making friends. What if she can't impress them? And what about the most important Friend of all - Jesus - do we need to impress him? Mr. Jacobs helps explain!

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