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Kids Corner: Columbus Day

10.06.18 | Matt Jackson

This week, Miss Fiona tells the story of a famous explorer, his courageous voyage, his bad choices, and what we can learn from him.

Kids Corner: The Small Stuff

09.29.18 | Matt Jackson

God is in charge of the universe, which is pretty huge. So the question that Kyle has is whether or not God cares about our little issues.

Kids Corner: How can I have Peace?

09.22.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes life can be busy, sometimes it can be scary, and sometimes it can be annoying... but how are we supposed to be peaceful through it all?

Kids Corner: How Good Do We Need To be?

09.15.18 | Matt Jackson

The school soccer team is having tryouts and veronica wants to join... but at the same time she doesn't think she's good enough. While trying to comfort her friend, Carson figures out that these fears aren't just about soccer.

Kids Corner: How do I Forgive?

09.08.18 | Matt Jackson

Ashley is really angry at someone who did something really mean to her. Can Mr. Jacobs calm her down?

Kids Corner: Can I be useful?

09.01.18 | Matt Jackson

Everett wants to help Mr. Jacobs with taking down gutters for the fall, but Mr. Jacobs doesn't have anything for him to do. Join our friends as they wonder" why we might not be used ... by God?"

Kids Corner: Too much of a good thing

08.25.18 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of things that are good for us: Food, fun, and sunshine to name a few, but this week Fern is suffering from a pretty bad sunburn, and Mr. Jacobs explains how having too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Kids Corner: The Trouble With Cavities

08.18.18 | Matt Jackson

Kyle has a problem; a dentist problem, and He's not looking forward to the coming appointment. Join our friends as they talk about relying on God when bad things are coming.

Kids Corner: Treasures and Squirrels

08.11.18 | Matt Jackson

Mr. Jacobs has a great collection of fun things in his attic, but when he goes up there to find a bat and glove for Artie, he makes a shocking discovery!

Kids Corner: Is it wrong to be bored?

08.04.18 | Matt Jackson

Summer can be fun, but when you don't have anything to do it can get kind of boring. This week Charlie is complaining about not having anything to do, and Joy is wondering if there's anything that will make him stop.

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