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Kids Corner: Leadership

02.18.17 | Matt Jackson

Whether it's a dog pulling a sled or an adventurer on a quest, the role of leader is important. But what does God look for when He's putting people in authority?

Kids Corner: What Love Looks Like

02.11.17 | Matt Jackson

With Valentine's Day coming up, it seems that love is everywhere. This week Taylor comes to Mr. Jacobs' garage with a mysterious letter and is acting kind of weird. Come see what's going as Mr. Jacobs talks about falling in love.

Kids Corner: Being Remade

02.04.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when artists are trying to make something beautiful, it just doesn't work out that way. Join Mr. Jacobs and the kids this week as they talk about how God is still working on His creation to make it the way He intends.

Kids Corner: God's Voice

01.28.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes life gets so busy or scary that it becomes hard to focus on anything... even if it's God trying to tell us something. This week Fern and Holly learn why God is so hard to hear sometimes, and how we can hear him more clearly

Kids Corner: Doing Hard Things

01.21.17 | Matt Jackson

Doing things that are good for us or even others isn't always easy and sometimes we might want to give up, but as Miss Fiona and the kids learn today, there are a couple things we can do to make it easier.

Kids Corner: The Cost of Freedom

01.14.17 | Matt Jackson

Freedom is something everyone wants, but today Bailey and Carson learn about what it really means to be free, and the responsibilities that it brings.

Kids Corner: Being Trustworthy

01.07.17 | Matt Jackson

Trust is something that people often take for granted, but how do you know if you can really trust other people? For that matter, how can you tell if someone can be trusted or not? Join our friends in the garage as Mr. Jacobs explains this little thing called trust.

Kids Corner: New Years Drama Special (2017)

12.31.16 | Matt Jackson

Happy New Year! This week we look back at some of our favorite garage dramas from 2016! Enjoy!

Kids Corner: The Christmas Story

12.17.16 | Matt Jackson

This week let's go back in time to hear the story of Christmas told by Miss Natalie, and some of the first visitors to Mr. Jacob's garage!

Kids Corner: Christmas Cheer

12.10.16 | Matt Jackson

At this time of year, everyone talks about this strange force called "Christmas Cheer", but what does the bible say about this festive feeling?

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