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Kids Corner: What it means to be brave.

05.27.17 | Matt Jackson

Ashley and Patricia have spent all morning getting covered in mud whist hunting for turtles, but why? It seems like Ashley has gone a little crazy! Join our swamp searchers as Mr. Jacobs explains how bravery is much more than doing nutty things.

Kids Corner: Is the Bible Really God's Word?

05.20.17 | Matt Jackson

It's hard to tell what really happened in the past. People even disagree on what happened yesterday! So what the kids want to know this week is how do we know that what the bible says is true?

Kids Corner: Beauty

05.13.17 | Matt Jackson

Being pretty is a big deal to some people, and this week Joy and Fern are looking for the perfect hairdo. Join the kids and Mr. Jacobs as they talk about beauty and what God has to say about it.

Kids Corner: What Does Evil Look Like?

05.06.17 | Matt Jackson

Snakes, wasps and dinosaurs might be really scary... but does that mean they are evil? This week our friends talk about how the appearance of something isn't always the way to tell if something isn't right.

Kids Corner: The Responsibility of Teaching

04.29.17 | Matt Jackson

Ashley is pretty excited! She's been asked to help teach Children's Church and she's ready! Carson isn't so sure about the idea. Can kids teach kids?

Kids Corner: God's Creation

04.22.17 | Matt Jackson

Have you ever felt like you've seen and done everything? That's kind of how Veronica feels this week. Join our friends at the Kids Corner as Mr. Jacobs uncovers a new invention, and shows the kids that everything God made is worth exploring.

Kids Corner: Easter

04.15.17 | Matt Jackson

"Why did Jesus have to die?" It's probably the most important question in the universe, and in this special episode of the Kids Corner our friends try to answer this question by acting out the story of Easter.

Kids Corner: Spring Sharathon 2017

04.08.17 | Matt Jackson

Fern and Holly are really confused. The radio isn't playing any of the programs that they are used to hearing every week. Is the radio broken? Find out what's going on this week on Family Life's Kids Corner!

Kids Corner: Foolishness and Wisdom

04.01.17 | Matt Jackson

It's April Fool's Day and that means tricks and pranks are everywhere. This week's visitors to Mr. Jacobs' will learn what it means to be foolish, and how to be wise instead.

Kids Corner: Church

03.25.17 | Matt Jackson

Being in a group of people can be fun, but as Veronica is learning in her writing club, it can also be a little frustrating. Join the Kids Corner Gang as they learn why God puts very different people in the group He calls "The Church".

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