Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: The Importance of Forgiveness

11.21.15 | Matt Jackson

Patricia's family is in for a big change. Her dad is coming home from serving time in prison, and she's struggling with how she feels about the whole idea. This week, join the gang as they learn about how God forgives, and why we should forgive too.

Kids Corner: Caring and Dependence

11.14.15 | Matt Jackson

This week, Carson is looking for some attention, and at the same time, Laura is feeling the drain of an over-attentive babysitter. Join the Kids Corner gang as they learn about How God shows us that He cares for us.

Kids Corner: Gideon

11.07.15 | Matt Jackson

Another bible story special with the Kids Corner Gang! This week hear about a great man that faced impossible odds and won because He listened to God's calling.

Kids Corner: All Hallows Eve

10.31.15 | Matt Jackson

Bailey and her cousin Veronica are really excited about going trick-or-treating, but Ashley is determined to convince them that Christians should have nothing to do with Halloween. Join the gang this week as Mr. Jacobs explains the history of this foreboding holiday and what the bible says about ...

Kids Corner: Why Jesus Came

10.24.15 | Matt Jackson

This week the Kids Corner gang learns about how Jesus came to seek the lost, when Ian loses a paper that he needs for school, and the gang joins in the search.

Kids Corner: Tempting God

10.17.15 | Matt Jackson

If we can trust God to keep us safe, then why should we be careful when doing something dangerous? Join the Kids Corner gang as Mr. Jacobs helps them understand the difference between healthy fear, and not trusting God.

Kids Corner: The Bible

10.10.15 | Matt Jackson

The bible is often called the sword of the spirit, and this week the Kids Corner Gang learns the importance of training with this mighty weapon.

Kids Corner: Correcting Ourselves

09.26.15 | Matt Jackson

This week the Kids Corner Gang discover the importance of getting rid of sin and how to know what it looks like.

Kids Corner: Planning with God

09.19.15 | Matt Jackson

Everyone seems to make plans, but what happens if your plans conflict with the plans of others.... or God's plans? Join the Kid's Corner Gang this week to find out!

Kids Corner: A Living Example

09.12.15 | Matt Jackson

Scott and Ashley have some questions about doing good works so others can see them, and Mr. Jacobs does his best to clear up their confusion as the Kids Corner Gang explores what it means to live for God