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Kids Corner: Where Does Peace Come From?

12.08.18 | Matt Jackson

There's a lot going on at this time of year, and sometimes it gets a little exhausting. This week Mr. Jacobs and Miss Fiona explain the importance of peace, and where lasting peace comes from.

Kids Corner: Is Sadness Wrong?

12.01.18 | Matt Jackson

There's a lot of Christmas cheer in the air, but not everyone is happy. A friend has lost a dear pet, and Veronica has written a book to comfort her... The thing is it's a sad book, not a happy one. How is that supposed to help?

Kids Corner: Counting Your Blessings

11.24.18 | Matt Jackson

Laura and Joy are having a bit of a competition, they are seeing who has more blessings. but why do we have these blessings in the the first place?

Kids Corner: Angry At God?

11.17.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when things get hard in our lives, we can start feeling like God isn't fair... or even good. This week Mr. Jacobs explains why sometimes we might be tempted to get angry at a Loving God.

Kids Corner: God's Priorities

11.10.18 | Matt Jackson

Ashley has been given a few dollars for her birthdays, but she doesn't know how to use it. Does God care what we do with our own things? Let's join our friends as we discuss what God thinks is important.

Kids Corner: When people look up to you

11.03.18 | Matt Jackson

Veronica has been chosen to be team captain! This might sound fun to Kyle, but he's got a lot to learn about being in places of responsibility.

Kids Corner: Scaredy Friends

10.27.18 | Matt Jackson

What do you do when something you like scares one of your friends and they don't want to join you? Should you tell them to deal with it? Should you find something else to do? Let's see what Mr. Jacobs has to say about it.

Kids Corner: Careful Words

10.20.18 | Matt Jackson

Joy's got a problem with a teacher, and is really nervous about talking to him about it. Does the bible tell us how not to get in trouble when we have a complaint?

Kids Corner: Columbus Day

10.06.18 | Matt Jackson

This week, Miss Fiona tells the story of a famous explorer, his courageous voyage, his bad choices, and what we can learn from him.

Kids Corner: The Small Stuff

09.29.18 | Matt Jackson

God is in charge of the universe, which is pretty huge. So the question that Kyle has is whether or not God cares about our little issues.

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