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Kids Corner 8/16/19 - Learning to Listen

08.17.19 | Tim Powers

Kyle's got a new gadget, but it doesn't seem to be working as advertised. Maybe taking Sam's advice to actually read the instructions would help? Mr. Jacobs chimes in on the importance of listening well!

Kids Corner 8/10/19 - Overcoming Evil with Good

08.10.19 | Tim Powers

What do you do when you’re picked on? Be mean back? Ignore the nasty comments? What if neither of those things work? Well, that’s Gwen’s problem. Now – what does Mr. Jacobs have to say about it?

Kids Corner 9/3/19 -Do Not Be Overcome By Evil

08.03.19 | Tim Powers

Summer camp is great, isn’t it? Well, Ashley isn’t so sure about that when one of her friends goes to a summer camp that isn’t a Christian one. Veronica, Holly and Mr. Jacobs all chime in for an interesting discussion on being God’s light in the world.

Kids Corner 7/27 - A Worker is Worthy of Their Hire

07.27.19 | Tim Powers

Their hard work has paid off – it’s the final Kids Drama Show presentation, and Mr. Jacobs is taking the whole gang out for ice cream! But Sam is uneasy. Should they really be going out for treats after raising money for those in need? Mr. Jacobs does his best to explain.

Kids Corner: Staying Calm in Chaotic Times

07.20.19 | Tim Powers

The kid's summer drama show is about to start, but not everyone’s ready! Thankfully, things go off without a hitch and Ms. Fiona keeps calm under the pressure…even if the kids don’t. How does she do that – and how can we?

Kids Corner: Too Busy for God?

07.13.19 | Tim Powers

Description: It’s time for the kids’ and Mr. Jacobs’ annual drama show! While preparing to go out on stage, some of our actors are a little nervous (understandably). With so much to do to get ready, is there even time to pray? Mr. Jacobs helps explain what it means to make time for God.

Kids Corner: What Does Independence Mean?

07.06.19 | Tim Powers

Joy is earning money to pay her own way to summer camp! She likes knowing that she doesn’t have to depend on others. But is that always a good thing? Mr. Jacobs has a drama script to help explain!

Kids Corner: Why did God Make Everything so Big?

06.22.19 | Matt Jackson

Fern and Holly are getting ready to go on a looooong trip. but why does it have to be that way? Does God like making things super huge? Find out this week!

Kids Corner: Lessons from Dads

06.15.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes dads can seem like they enjoy making our lives pretty hard, but what if Mr. Jacobs told you that there's a good reason for that? Well, listen in to hear his explanation!

Kids Corner: Did I Mess Up?

06.08.19 | Matt Jackson

Laura has a problem. She did what was right, and something bad happened! Can that really happen? Find out this week as Mr. Jacobs does his best to explain.

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