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Kids Corner: What's Heaven Going To Be Like?

04.21.18 | Matt Jackson

Fern and Mr. Jacobs are getting ready for a trip to a far-away land, and they're pretty excited! This week Gwen asks why people are so excited to go to Heaven. Is it as good as a fun trip or are we just going to sit on clouds playing harps?

Kids Corner: Is Shame Bad?

04.14.18 | Matt Jackson

When we mess up it can be hard to forgive ourselves, even if we get forgiveness from everybody else. This week, Mr. Jacobs explains why God made the emotion of shame, and how we can be free from it.

Kids Corner: Is It Foolish To Believe?

04.01.18 | Matt Jackson

Artie is having a great time climbing Mr. Jacob's tree, but Patty and Holly aren't sure he should be trusting all of those branches. Join our friends this week as they discuss if it's wise to trust someone we can't see.

Kids Corner: Celebrating The Returning King

03.24.18 | Matt Jackson

Joy and Ashley are throwing a surprise party for their good friend Laura, but they soon discover that when you don't know when someone is showing up, it's hard to surprise them. Join our friends as they talk about someone else coming, and what's taking Him so long to get here.

Kids Corner: St. Patrick

03.17.18 | Matt Jackson

It's Saint Patrick's day! ...But who is St. Patrick? Find out this week, as Mr. Jacobs tells the story of a great man of God.

Kids Corner: What's Redemption?

03.10.18 | Matt Jackson

It's always fun to create things out of old junk and Bailey is creating up a storm! This week the kids learn about what it means to be "born again".

Kids Corner: How does Worship Work?

03.03.18 | Matt Jackson

When it comes to giving gifts to people that we love, it's important to get it right... but what about giving things to God? Is your best... good enough?

Kids Corner: So Many Rules!

02.24.18 | Matt Jackson

Have you ever been told to do things that you don't want to do? Laura sure has. Join our friends as she tells her tales of woe to Mr. Jacobs, and he tries to explain why God wants us to listen to the people who make the rules.

Kids Corner: The Ticket

02.17.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes the people we look up to the most, can let us down the most. This week Fern and Holly find out something terrible about Mr. Jacobs and they wonder if they can trust him anymore.

Kids Corner: Does God Like Laughing?

02.10.18 | Matt Jackson

Mr. Jacob's new neighbor, Miss Tabitha, has had a hard time moving in, but she has a little different way of dealing with stress than other people. Join our friends as they talk about anger, laughter, and when it's right to use them.

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