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Kids Corner: Lessons from Dads

06.15.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes dads can seem like they enjoy making our lives pretty hard, but what if Mr. Jacobs told you that there's a good reason for that? Well, listen in to hear his explanation!

Kids Corner: Did I Mess Up?

06.08.19 | Matt Jackson

Laura has a problem. She did what was right, and something bad happened! Can that really happen? Find out this week as Mr. Jacobs does his best to explain.

Kids Corner: Is Truth Real?

06.01.19 | Matt Jackson

Imagination is super cool. With it you can pretty much make anything happen, but where does imagination stop and truth begin? Does believing something is true make it that way? Is that what faith is? There are a lot of hard questions this week, and Mr. Jacob does his best to give good answers!

Kids Corner: How Do I Find Good Friends?

05.25.19 | Matt Jackson

When Everett's new friends tell him that they saw a mysterious beast in the woods, he goes on an expedition! Join him and Ashley as they look for the creature, and learn about finding good friends!

Kids Corner: Who am I?

05.18.19 | Matt Jackson

An old friend is back in town, but she looks pretty different! When people change, are they still the same person? Does God love people the same, even when they change? Find out this week!

Kids Corner: When Mom Doesn't Make Sense

05.11.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes things don't make sense. Sometimes our moms make rules that can be as confusing as a math word problems. If that's the case, do you still have to obey them?

Kids Corner: Do I have to Pray Allll the Time?

05.04.19 | Matt Jackson

Praying is pretty cool. Right now you can talk to the King of the universe about anything! But this week Laura has a question about praying and Mr. Jacobs does his best to explain.

Kids Corner: What are Denominations?

04.27.19 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of churches out there, and this week the kids wonder why there are so many. Join our friends as we learn about the different parts of the church!

Kids Corner: Why be Careful?

04.20.19 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of bible verses about how God takes care of His children. But if God is keeping us safe, then why should we be careful and not do dangerous things?

Kids Corner: Getting Credit

04.13.19 | Matt Jackson

When people do great things they should get rewarded for it, but shouldn't God get the credit? After all, they couldn't do anything without Him... right?

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