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Kids Corner: Getting What You Deserve

09.09.17 | Matt Jackson

Fern is rather proud of her trophy for swimming. Artie's pretty happy that Zach wrecked the family car... Both people seem to be getting what they deserve, but are they? Perhaps this topic deserves to be examined further.

Kids Corner: Am I Being Lazy?

09.02.17 | Matt Jackson

When it comes to doing a few extra chores, Carson says she needs some rest, but Ashley's pretty sure she's just being lazy. Is there a difference?

Kids Corner: What good is Punishment?

08.26.17 | Matt Jackson

Kyle is not happy. His mom said that he can't have snack foods for a whole week, all because he took one measly extra cookie! How can that be fair? Join the kids and Mr. Jacobs as we learn about how discipline is a good thing.

Kids Corner: Nehemiah

08.19.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes God asks us to do things, but when we obey him it doesn't always go well. This week we hear the story about a guy who God gave a special mission,and he met some pretty big challenges.

Kids Corner: Loneliness

08.12.17 | Matt Jackson

As the garage is being repaired, both Ashley and Veronica are feeling a little left behind by the rest of their friends. Join our friends this week as they learn about loneliness and what God has to say about it.

Kids Corner: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

08.05.17 | Matt Jackson

Something terrible has happened! A tree has fallen on top of the garage and has smashed a huge hole in the ceiling and the wall. Why on earth would God let something so bad happen? That's what the kids want to know and Mr. Jacobs does his best to explain.

Kids Corner: When We Make A Mess Of Things

07.29.17 | Matt Jackson

What do you do when you get in trouble? Do you apologize? Do you try to fix things? Do you just get out of the way? Join our friends in Mr. Jacobs' Garage to find out what the bible has to say.

Kids Corner: Why Finish Strong? (Summer Drama Show)

07.22.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the last drama show of the summer, and the kids have raised more money for the missionaries than they ever have before! That makes Holly wonder "Why bother doing a final show at all?"

Kids Corner: Using our Talents (Summer Drama Show)

07.15.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the second Drama show of the season, and this week the kids want to know what kinds of talents can we use to bring glory to God?

Kids Corner: Memorizing the Bible (Summer Drama Show)

07.08.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the first show of this year's drama show, and this year Ashley is memorizing her lines. Does memorizing things help or is she wasting her time?

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