Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: It's Hopeless!

02.06.16 | Matt Jackson

We can get sin out of our lives, but getting it to stay out seems impossible. What does Mr. Jacobs have to say about it? Join the gang as they discuss the secret to being perfect.

Kids Corner: When friends are wrong

01.30.16 | Matt Jackson

Doing what God wants us to isn't always going to make people happy. That's the problem Joy is facing this week, and Mr. Jacobs has a few tips on how to treat people that get offended by righteousness.

Kids Corner: Always Being Right.

01.23.16 | Matt Jackson

Having the right answers is a good thing especially when it comes to tests at school or in game shows, but when does being smart turn into being a "Know-it-all"? Find out today as the kids explore what the bible says about being wise in your own eyes.

Kids Corner: Thinking before talking

01.16.16 | Matt Jackson

Mr. Jacobs' grand-nieces Fern and Holly are spending the weekend at his house and are trying to find ways to stay entertained, and Mr. Jacobs' books of "Mad-libs" aren't working. This week, come along for the adventure as the Kids Corner Gang learns a little about what a Grand-niece is, ...

Kids Corner: Starting over

01.09.16 | Matt Jackson

A new visitor comes to the garage to talk with Mr Jacobs... and he's a little different than the rest of the gang. This week, join them as they explore the hardships of starting over, and living with a bad reputation.

Kids Corner: Dramas from 2015 (part 2)

01.02.16 | Matt Jackson

It's a new year and The Kids Corner Gang is going to take time to look back and listen to some of our favorite dramas from 2015. Why don't you join us!?

Kids Corner: Dramas from 2015 (part 1)

12.26.15 | Matt Jackson

Merry Christmas! Join the Kids Corner Gang as they act out some of our favorite Garage Dramas from the last year in this two-week special.

Kids Corner: Who was Jesus?

12.19.15 | Matt Jackson

Was Jesus a man, or was he God? Join the Kids Corner Gang this Christmas week as Mr. Jacobs explains the mystery of Christ's humanity, and why he came as a baby.

Kids Corner: Who was Mary?

12.12.15 | Matt Jackson

Miss Emily is in charge of the church Christmas pageant this year and Ashley has a few questions about her part in the play. Join the gang this week as Emily and Mr. Jacobs work together to describe the girl that we know as the mother of Jesus.

Kids Corner: Who Was Santa?

12.05.15 | Matt Jackson

Charles is convinced that Santa really is coming to town, and the other kids aren't sure how to break it to him that Santa isn't real.... but none of them are prepared for what Mr. Jacobs has to say on the topic.