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Kids Corner: Jacob and Esau

08.20.16 | Matt Jackson

We all do wrong things, and sometimes we hurt others when we do. This week, Mr. Jacobs presents an ancient story about two brothers, two parents, and two delicious meals that caused a lot of trouble.

Kids Corner: Giving Up

08.13.16 | Matt Jackson

Things aren't looking good for Mr. Jacobs' fishing trip. All the campsites are full, and the trip just might need to be canceled. But Artie is not about to quit! After all, giving up is wrong... Right?

Kids Corner: Where Power Comes From

08.06.16 | Matt Jackson

Whether we like it or not, we wouldn't get very far if we didn't have other people to help us out. This week, Mr. Jacobs explains that there's someone else that all of us need to depend on.

Kids Corner: The Power of Influence

07.30.16 | Matt Jackson

People can change a lot of things; We can make things better, or we can make things a lot worse. Join the Kids Corner Gang this week as they learn how to avoid being influenced by bad things, and how we can be an influence for good.

Kids Corner: Taking Care of Our Bodies

07.23.16 | Matt Jackson

Bailey's not feeling very good after a night of watching movies and eating loads of sugary snacks, meanwhile, Patty and Veronica are working on a 3D puzzle, and things are a little more challenging than they bargained for. Join the kids in Mr. Jacobs' garage as they learn that a skyscraper needs ...

Kids Corner: Rewards For Our Work (Drama Special)

07.16.16 | Matt Jackson

When Mr. Jacobs promises to take the kids out to ice cream after the last drama show, excitement reigns supreme... but Ashley isn't sure that people should be given rewards for something that they should be doing simply because it's the right thing to do.

Kids Corner: Making Mistakes (Drama Special)

07.09.16 | Matt Jackson

It's the second week of the Kids Corner drama show and Ian is all ready to start things off... or so he thinks. Even when we prepare things can go wrong, and this week we learn how God wants us to respond when things go awry.

Kids Corner: Staying Calm (Drama Special)

07.02.16 | Matt Jackson

It's the time of year for the Kids Corner regulars to put on their annual fundraising drama show. This year Miss Fiona is in charge of managing the stage, but it's more than she bargained for. Listen in as our friends learn about nervousness and why we can be calm.

Kids Corner: What's Baptisim?

06.25.16 | Matt Jackson

This week Taylor announces that she's getting baptized and Charlie is having a hard time understanding what that means. Join the Kids Corner as Mr. Jacobs and Ashley try to clear up some of the confusion about not only what baptism is, but why and how Christians take part in it.

Kids Corner: God the Father

06.18.16 | Matt Jackson

Dads are here to help us get through life by setting an example, and by pushing us to do things that are hard. Join Artie and Zach as they learn about why we have to go through hard stuff, and why God thinks that's important.

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