Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: Communication

03.14.15 | Matt Jackson

There are many ways that people communicate in this world and this week the gang learns how God communicates with us, and how we can share what He says with others.

Kids Corner: Time management

03.07.15 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes we are told that doing things like watching movies and playing games are a waste of time, but this week the kids learn that wasting time can also look like doing something productive.

Kids Corner: Context

02.28.15 | Matt Jackson

Most of the time to understand what something means, you need to see what's around it. This week the kids and Mr. Jacobs discuss the importance of context.

Kids Corner: Waiting

02.21.15 | Matt Jackson

Waiting can be a little frustrating, especially if it's for something good to happen. Join the gang as they learn about patience and what it looks like in practice.

Kids Corner: Truth and Love

02.14.15 | Matt Jackson

When it comes to writing Valentines, Artie is having some trouble. Join the gang as they discuss the importance of being sincere.

Kids Corner: The Value of Life

02.07.15 | Matt Jackson

This week Mr. Jacobs and the kids talk about why God values life so much and what that means for us as we live our own lives.

Kids Corner: Advice

01.31.15 | Matt Jackson

The bible says that it's wise for us to get advice, and this week the kids learn how to recognize good advice, and how it should be given.

Kids Corner: Germs and sin

01.24.15 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes we think that we can get away with having little sins in our lives, but as the kids learn this week, sins have a way of multiplying and becoming even more dangerous.

Kids Corner: God's gifts

01.17.15 | Matt Jackson

A talent show is coming to town and the kids are trying to figure out what they are good at. Join Mr. Jacobs and the gang as they discover Why God gives us talents and how to find out what they are.

Kids Corner: Theft

01.10.15 | Matt Jackson

Most people know that stealing is wrong, so why do so many people do it? This week on the Kid's Corner Mr. Jacobs sheds some like on this sticky-fingered subject.