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Kids Corner: Why Finish Strong? (Summer Drama Show)

07.22.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the last drama show of the summer, and the kids have raised more money for the missionaries than they ever have before! That makes Holly wonder "Why bother doing a final show at all?"

Kids Corner: Using our Talents (Summer Drama Show)

07.15.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the second Drama show of the season, and this week the kids want to know what kinds of talents can we use to bring glory to God?

Kids Corner: Memorizing the Bible (Summer Drama Show)

07.08.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the first show of this year's drama show, and this year Ashley is memorizing her lines. Does memorizing things help or is she wasting her time?

Kids Corner: Unlikely Idols

07.01.17 | Matt Jackson

While waiting for the Independence Day parade, our friends talk about what the most important part of July 4th really is.

Kids Corner: Dealing with Despair

06.24.17 | Matt Jackson

Nothing is forever, and this can bring a lot of sadness to people. This week Kyle and Ashley learn how we can help those who are hurting and why we can have hope.

Kids Corner: When God's Plans Wreck Ours

06.17.17 | Matt Jackson

Mr. Jacobs and the kids are having a picnic, but with storm clouds rolling in, it would seem that God has other plans.

Kids Corner: Being Manipulated

06.10.17 | Matt Jackson

Veronica's in a bit of a mess. She really doesn't want to go to her friend Zoe's party, but if she doesn't then Zoe says that they won't be friends anymore! Does Mr. Jacobs have the answer to this problem? Join the kids as they learn about manipulation and why it's not a good thing.

Kids Corner: "Jesus-Girl"

06.03.17 | Matt Jackson

Carson had to miss a pretty big softball game last Sunday, and now her whole team is calling her names and treating her badly. Now she's wondering what to do when people mistreat you because you love Jesus?

Kids Corner: What it means to be brave.

05.27.17 | Matt Jackson

Ashley and Patricia have spent all morning getting covered in mud whist hunting for turtles, but why? It seems like Ashley has gone a little crazy! Join our swamp searchers as Mr. Jacobs explains how bravery is much more than doing nutty things.

Kids Corner: Is the Bible Really God's Word?

05.20.17 | Matt Jackson

It's hard to tell what really happened in the past. People even disagree on what happened yesterday! So what the kids want to know this week is how do we know that what the bible says is true?

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