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Kids Corner: How to be Great

12.09.17 | Matt Jackson

There are all kinds of stories about great detectives, but which one is the greatest? Join the kids and Mr. Jacobs as they see if the bible can help them find the answer.

Kids Corner: What are blessings?

12.02.17 | Matt Jackson

At this time of year we hear a lot about things, people, and places being "blessed"... but what does that mean? Join our friends as they find out.

Kids Corner: What's Whining?

11.25.17 | Matt Jackson

The boys are writing their wish lists for Christmas, but Veronica is pretty sure it's wrong to ask for things. Join our friends as we learn if asking for things is being ungrateful.

Kids Corner: Being Grateful

11.18.17 | Matt Jackson

Carson and Monica are collecting food for those in need and Mr. Jacobs has a lot to give! In fact, Monica isn't sure he will have enough for himself. Join our friends as they learn about being grateful for God's generosity.

Kids Corner: In The Lord's Army

11.11.17 | Matt Jackson

Charlie and Everett are pretending to be soldiers, but playing army with Bailey isn't as fun as playing with other kids. This week Bailey explains that soldiers don't just do fun stuff, and Mr. Jacobs explains what it means to be a soldier in God's army.

Kids Corner: Am I Important?

10.28.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes it's easy not to feel important, and when people don't pay attention to you it can seem like you aren't valuable. What does the bible have to say about this though?

Kids Corner: Missionaries

10.21.17 | Matt Jackson

There are some strange letters on Mr. Jacobs' counter, and Veronica and Fern are wondering where they are from. This week, join our friends as we all learn a little bit about missionaries all over the world, and what it takes to be one.

Kids Corner: Fall Sharathon 2017!

10.14.17 | Matt Jackson

It's sharathon! The time where people send their support to help Family Life impact lives with the message of hope, but Kyle wants to know... What does that mean?

Kids Corner: Faith vs. Science

10.07.17 | Matt Jackson

The kids are working on science homework and Artie is loving it! Holly, not so much. This week Mr. Jacobs explains why learning about how God made everything is important.

Kids Corner: Be Prepared!

09.30.17 | Matt Jackson

Bailey is totally ready for her football game... a little too ready. Is that even possible? Find out this week as our friends learn about preparation and commitment.

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