Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: Obedience

04.23.16 | Matt Jackson

Veronica has been told that she will be the babysitter for her family's reunion this year and it's not going to be easy. Join the Kid's Corner Gang as they learn about how to be a good leader and the example God has given us.

Kids Corner: Power Under Control

04.16.16 | Matt Jackson

Most people, when they think of power, they imagine things like robot warriors and explosions, but this week The Kids Corner Gang learns about a power that is much greater.

Kids Corner: Spring Sharathon 2016

04.09.16 | Matt Jackson

It's time for Sharathon, and Mr. Jacobs' radio is on the fritz again. As the kids wait for him to fix it, they listen to Family Life's progress and ask some important questions about giving to ministries.

Kids Corner: Finding Peace

04.02.16 | Matt Jackson

Peace is something that people look for a lot, but what makes things peaceful? Find out this week as Mr. Jacobs explains what peace really is... and how to find it in all sorts of situations.

Kids Corner: That's Not Fair!

03.26.16 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes we feel like we deserve better than what we receive, but this week Mr. Jacobs explains God's love for justice, and something called grace.

Kids Corner: Faith vs Superstition

03.19.16 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes we do little things that we hope will make things work out better, like wearing a certain shirt, forwarding a message, not stepping on a crack... or praying. This week the Kids Corner Gang learns the difference between trusting in God, and being superstitious.

Kids Corner: Trusting in Him

03.12.16 | Matt Jackson

There are lots of things that we trust, but they tend to let us down. Join the Kids Corner Gang as Mr. Jacobs explains what we actually should put our trust in, and it's not what most people think.

Kids Corner: Bittersweet Emotions

03.05.16 | Matt Jackson

Sadness, fear, anger... We all know that these are bad things. Right? This week, The Kids Corner Gang learns about why God gave us these feelings and what they are for.

Kids Corner: Treasure

02.27.16 | Matt Jackson

Charles has been doing some work around the neighborhood and has earned a lot, but what should he do with it? Find out this week as Mr. Jacobs helps explain the reason why God gives us wealth and what has true value.

Kids Corner: Sampson

02.20.16 | Matt Jackson

Life is full of tests, and we don't always do the right thing. This week, the Kids Corner Gang learns that no matter how much you've messed up your life, God will still use you if you turn to Him.