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Got A Minute- How much is a fraction of a penny worth?

10.11.16 | Steve Smith

Money can be so tight that sometimes all you have is a fraction of a penny.

Got A Minute- Walking the Walk...100 pounds worth!

10.04.16 | Steve Smith

James 4:17 So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

Got A Minute- You win, not matter what!

09.27.16 | Steve Smith

If you think being a Christian means you'll never have any problems, you're mistaken.

Got A Minute- Learning to walk.

09.20.16 | Steve Smith

It's ok to keep falling when you're learning to walk.

Got A Minute- Just 5 more minutes?

09.13.16 | Steve Smith

Sometimes we think we know everything that's going on. We don't.

Got A Minute- No, God hasn't walked away!

09.06.16 | Steve Smith

God wants you to bring him your broken heart.

Got A Minute- Where did my house go?

08.30.16 | Steve Smith

A man went back to look for his house and it was gone! What happened?

Got A Minute- God, this doesn't make sense!

08.23.16 | Steve Smith

Has something ever happened to you that didn't make any sense until much later?

Got A Minute- Hoops for the Lord

08.09.16 | Steve Smith

Maya Moore is a more than a Women's Basketball player on the Olympic team.

Got A Minute- A Gold Medal Example

08.02.16 | Steve Smith

An Olympic athlete passing the spiritual torch.

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