Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute- What's Your Excuse?

04.18.17 | Steve Smith

You can fill in the blank. I don't like the ________________. Have you ever heard that about your church?

Got A Minute- Marriage Equality

04.11.17 | Steve Smith

We need to be reminded that marriage is not one sided. A funny reminder from a former Governor.

Got A Minute- Want a Do-Over?

04.04.17 | Steve Smith

If you had to do it all over again, how would you "do life?"

Got A Minute- The BIGGER Syndrome!

03.28.17 | Steve Smith

If we're not careful, we can suffer from the, "Bigger Syndrome."

Got A Minute- Watch for Interruptions!

03.21.17 | Steve Smith

Find a great story in Luke 10:29-37

Got A Minute- Filled to Overflowing!

03.14.17 | Steve Smith

March Madness can bring a great Spiritual lesson.

Got A Minute- Hurry up and jump!

03.07.17 | Steve Smith

Have you ever heard the story about the frog and the boiling pot?

Got A Minute- How 25 cents can make all the difference

02.28.17 | Steve Smith

It's only a quarter, but this story could change a life.

Got A Minute- How's your thought life?

02.21.17 | Steve Smith

What if everyone knew everything you were thinking? God does.

Got A Minute- Is just TODAY Valentines Day?

02.14.17 | Steve Smith

How do act on Valentines Day, versus every other day of the year?

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