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Got A Minute- You're not Alone

07.25.17 | Steve Smith

The Piano Prodigy, with some help. That will all make sense after you hear this story.

Got A Minute- Let's all act like this!

07.18.17 | Steve Smith

If the day is not going the way you want, time to switch the attitude.

Got A Minute- What's for Lunch?

07.11.17 | Steve Smith

What does Peanut Butter have to do with time spent with God? Let's find out.

Got A Minute- A Special Letter

06.27.17 | Steve Smith

It's always special to receive a personal letter. Can you imagine receiving this one?

Got A Minute- Golf Priorities

06.06.17 | Steve Smith

Do you really know a celebrity when you see them? You think you do, but maybe you don't.

Got A Minute- Guard that mouth!!

05.30.17 | Steve Smith

What's more important, what goes IN your mouth, or what comes OUT of your mouth?

Got A Minute- God sportsmanship

05.23.17 | Steve Smith

Have you ever wondered how God looks at good sportsmanship?

Got A Minute- What about those little "white lies?"

05.16.17 | Steve Smith

Your yes should be yes, and your no should be no.

Got A Minute- Are you a Victor?

05.09.17 | Steve Smith

Have you ever wanted to talk to a person who stands at a street corner?

Got A Minute- What I learned from the Peanuts comics

05.02.17 | Steve Smith

Facing problems can be a real problem.

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