Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute - Too Busy For God?

09.13.11 | Steve Smith

It doesn't take much for us to take our attention off God. Just look at how the distractions of daily life have affected our spiritual journey.

Got A Minute - You Ask, God Gives

09.06.11 | Steve Smith

What we ask God for and what He gives us are very different things. That is, until we get to the heart of what God desires for our lives.

Got A Minute - Fancy Cups

08.30.11 | Steve Smith

Coffee is the same, no matter what kind of cup we drink it out of. Are you more concerned with the contents, or the vessel?

Got A Minute - Pancakes

08.23.11 | Steve Smith

A messy kitchen backed with good intentions. Ever wonder how God sees us in the midst of our mess?