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Got A Minute- A Prayer for an old friend

10.22.13 | Steve Smith

Can we join together in prayer? Please.

Got A Minute- It's not about the material things.

10.01.13 | Steve Smith

God gives us something for nothing.

Got A Minute- Picture of Peace

09.24.13 | Steve Smith

What does peace really look like?

Got A Minute- Is Fear Learned?

09.17.13 | Steve Smith

I wonder if we teach our kids to fear. Let's learn from our kids.

Got A Minute-Back to School Funny

09.03.13 | Steve Smith

Rule of Teaching-Know your Students.

Got A Minute- I Love You Anyway

08.27.13 | Steve Smith

God doesn't love you on the basis of accomplishments. We should be that way in our own life.

Got A Minute- Mad at God?

08.20.13 | Steve Smith

You ever been in a place that you doubt God's plan in your life?

Got A Minute- The choice should be Forgiveness

08.13.13 | Steve Smith

The choice is yours. Hold on tightly to bitterness, or forgive.

Got A Minute- One liners from God

07.23.13 | Steve Smith

Sometimes the simple reminders from God are what we need at the exact time.

Got A Minute-Helping the Moth

07.16.13 | Steve Smith

Listen for the lessons in the struggle.

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