Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute-A Bucket of Money

10.16.12 | Steve Smith

Do people see the REAL you? Are you putting on a false front?

Got A Minute-Letter to Little League Parents

10.09.12 | Steve Smith

St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny was once a Little League Manager. This is a must read for all parents.

Got A Minute- Don't Waste Your Gifts

10.02.12 | Steve Smith

Pray for God to empower the gifts He's given you.

Got A Minute- Kids and Peer Pressure

09.25.12 | Steve Smith

Ways to give your kids the gift of "Counter-pressure".

Got A Minute- Memorable Church Signs

09.18.12 | Steve Smith

You've all seen the clever Church signs as you drive by a local church. Here are some memorable ones.

Got A Minute-Pray for our Leaders

09.11.12 | Steve Smith

Revival in our nation begins with us!

Got A Minute- Topics for the Kids,,,and YOU

09.04.12 | Steve Smith

Some sample "open ended" questions for you and kids. Try some.

Got A Minute- In ALL that you do.

08.28.12 | Steve Smith

Are you acknowledging Him in ALL you do and say?

Got A Minute- Awesome Opportunities

08.21.12 | Steve Smith

In James, the Word tells us to count it as joy when you face trials. With God, all things are possible. Maybe your trial is just an opportunity in disguise.

Got A Minute-Happiness comes from Giving

08.14.12 | Steve Smith

A lady learns a valuable lesson about true happiness.