Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute- Faith is Letting Go

06.26.12 | Steve Smith

Are your circumstances getting in the way of your faith?

Got A Minute-A Letter from Prison

06.12.12 | Steve Smith

From behind prison walls, a man pays tribute to his dad.

Got A Minute- Spouse from God

06.05.12 | Steve Smith

A story about asking God for the right spouse.

Got A Minute- Does Prayer Change Things?

05.28.12 | Steve Smith

When you look at prayer from God's perspective, it's life changing.

Got A Minute- Experiencing Grace

05.22.12 | Steve Smith

It's one thing to know about God's Grace, it's another thing to actually experience it.

Got A Minute- Jesus' Love Letter

05.15.12 | Steve Smith

This Love letter is for you!

Got A Minute- Ice Cream for the Soul

05.01.12 | Steve Smith

A child's prayer for Ice Cream can mean so much more.

Got A Minute- Is your Hut burning down?

04.24.12 | Steve Smith

It may not always make sense to you, but God always has a plan.

Got A Minute- Haiku for God

04.17.12 | Steve Smith

National Haiku Poetry Day brings glory to God.

Got A Minute- Take Prayer Seriously

04.10.12 | Steve Smith

Don't make Prayer a routine.