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Got A Minute- Political Duet

11.06.18 | Steve Smith

Can we put aside our difference to make a beautiful sound during this political season? Listen to how two candidates found common ground in music.

Got A Minute- Feed the Frog

10.30.18 | Steve Smith

The toad sure was a lover of food. Plus, he was good at catching and eating it. Let's find out more.

Got A Minute- Whisper of God

07.24.18 | Steve Smith

Sometimes it's difficult to hear from God if we're being too loud.

Got A Minute- God Nuggets

06.19.18 | Steve Smith

God's Word is above all other words. Sometimes, there are other words that still hit home

Got A Minute- Quit Keeping Score

06.12.18 | Steve Smith

Many times, relationships are nothing more than score keeping. However, true Christian love is different.

Got A Minute- Is your Hut burning?

06.05.18 | Steve Smith

Do you feel like God isn't hearing you?

Got A Minute- What kind of day will it be?

05.08.18 | Steve Smith

Do you realize you have a choice in the kind of day it's going to be?

Got A Minute- Did you know your tongue can hurt YOU?

04.24.18 | Steve Smith

We know the tongue can do damage to other people, but let's look at what it can do to you.

Got A Minute- You're not called to be Successful

04.17.18 | Steve Smith

Look in I Corinthians 4:2, and find out what is required of you.

Got A Minute- Going WAY beyond!

04.10.18 | Steve Smith

It's so much easier to take shortcuts. Jimmy isn't like that at all.

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