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Family Life Report 2-13-17

02.13.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/13/17

Kids Corner: What Love Looks Like

02.11.17 | Matt Jackson

With Valentine's Day coming up, it seems that love is everywhere. This week Taylor comes to Mr. Jacobs' garage with a mysterious letter and is acting kind of weird. Come see what's going on as Mr. Jacobs talks about falling in love.

Family Life Report 2-10-17

02.10.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/10/17

Family Life Report 2-9-17

02.09.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/9/17

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns

02.08.17 | Family Life Mornings

Casting Crowns performs in Binghamton, NY on February 19th. Lead Singer Mark Hall talked with Steve, Terese and Randy about what's coming up at the show and what it's like being a youth leader in Atlanta, GA.

Family Life Report 2-8-17

02.08.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/8/17

Got A Minute- My imaginary Secretary

02.07.17 | Steve Smith

Grace, the imaginary secretary, can be huge help.

Family Life Report 2-7-17

02.07.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/7/17

Family Life Report 2-6-17

02.06.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/6/17

Kids Corner: Being Remade

02.04.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when artists are trying to make something beautiful, it just doesn't work out that way. Join Mr. Jacobs and the kids this week as they talk about how God is still working on His creation to make it the way He intends.

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