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Family Life Report 11-21-16

11.21.16 | Jeff Harmon

Family Life Report 11/21/16

Thanksgiving Guests We Forgot

11.21.16 | Family Life Mornings

There an entire population of Americans who are forgotten about at Thanksgiving. Ron Hutchcraft says Native Americans are hurting this time of year.

Kids Corner: Made to do Good Works

11.19.16 | Matt Jackson

Kyle and Charlie are working on a robot that will solve all of their chore problems forever, but they still have one small problem... They can't figure out how to get it to do what they want. Listen in this week as our friends discover that God's creation has the same problem, and what He's done...

Family Life Report 11-18-16

11.18.16 | Jeff Harmon

Family Life Report 11/18/16

Family Life Report 11-17-16

11.17.16 | Jeff Harmon

Family Life Report 11/17/16

Family Life Report 11-16-16

11.16.16 | Jeff Harmon

Family Life Report 11/16/16

Got A Minute- A Winnie The Pooh Story

11.15.16 | Steve Smith

How can a Winnie The Pooh story have spiritual implications? Let's find out.

Family Life Report 11-15-16

11.15.16 | Jeff Harmon

Family Life Report 11/15/16

Family Life Report 11-14-16

11.14.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 11/14/16

Kids Corner: When Things Change

11.12.16 | Matt Jackson

The world is always changing, and that can be scary for a lot of people. This week, our friends learn why we don't have to be afraid of what's happening around us, and how God takes care of those who need Him.

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