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Kids Corner: What good is Punishment?

08.26.17 | Matt Jackson

Kyle is not happy. His mom said that he can't have snack foods for a whole week, all because he took one measly extra cookie! How can that be fair? Join the kids and Mr. Jacobs as we learn about how discipline is a good thing.

Family Life Report 8-25-17

08.25.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 8-25-17

Family Life Report 8-24-17

08.24.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 8-24-17

Got A Minute- A Child's Prayer

08.22.17 | Steve Smith

God looks at our heart when we pray, even if the prayer includes ice cream.

Kids Corner: Nehemiah

08.19.17 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes God asks us to do things, but when we obey him it doesn't always go well. This week we hear the story about a guy who God gave a special mission,and he met some pretty big challenges.

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