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Kids Corner: Saying Goodbye

09.23.17 | Matt Jackson

Why do people we love have to go away? This week, we say goodbye to Mr. Jacobs' neighbor Miss Emily as she prepares to move to her new house. Join our friends as they wonder if they will ever see her again.

Got A Minute- Expecting!

09.19.17 | Steve Smith

God doesn't want us to just go through the day just like any other day.

Green Exercise

09.19.17 | Family Life Mornings

Is it better to exercise indoors or out? And is it possible to be allergic to hard exercise? Steve, Terese & Randy have the answers!

Family Life Report 9-18-17

09.18.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 9-18-17

Fish Tanks and Orphans

09.18.17 | Family Life Mornings

What do fish tanks and orphans have in common? They are both at the heart of one little boy who turned a random blessing into another...and another. Listen to his story on Family Life Mornings.

Family Life Mornings Week of 9/11/17

09.16.17 | Family Life Mornings

From funny moments to mini-miracles, Steve, Terese and Randy bring joy to your morning. Listen back to some of this weeks fun. And don't miss the show weekdays from 6am-10am on Family Life.

Family Life Report 9-15-17

09.15.17 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 9-15-17

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