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Kids Corner: Being Manipulated

06.10.17 | Matt Jackson

Veronica's in a bit of a mess. She really doesn't want to go to her friend Zoe's party, but if she doesn't then Zoe says that they won't be friends anymore! Does Mr. Jacobs have the answer to this problem? Join the kids as they learn about manipulation and why it's not a good thing.

Got A Minute- Golf Priorities

06.06.17 | Steve Smith

Do you really know a celebrity when you see them? You think you do, but maybe you don't.

Kids Corner: "Jesus-Girl"

06.03.17 | Matt Jackson

Carson had to miss a pretty big softball game last Sunday, and now her whole team is calling her names and treating her badly. Now she's wondering what to do when people mistreat you because you love Jesus?

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