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Kingdom Bound 2017 - Plumb

07.29.17 | Terese Main

With a new song out and a new CD on the way, Plumb is feeling positive about her future. She also shares about women's ministry and the tribe of women she is a part of.

Kids Corner: When We Make A Mess Of Things

07.29.17 | Matt Jackson

What do you do when you get in trouble? Do you apologize? Do you try to fix things? Do you just get out of the way? Join our friends in Mr. Jacobs' Garage to find out what the bible has to say.

Kingdom Bound 2017 - Danny Gokey

07.28.17 | Terese Main

Having found fame on secular TV, Danny Gokey has some ideas about how to draw the world to God. He also shares about his dance moves and his daring grandmother.

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/24/17

07.28.17 | Family Life Mornings

From stinky smells and talking with your hands, to fun contest with Kari Jobe and We are Messengers, take a trip down Memory Lane with Steve, Terese and Randy.

Kingdom Bound 2017 - Hannah Kerr

07.28.17 | Terese Main

Buffalo-native Hannah Kerr is "home" at Kingdom Bound. We caught up with her to talk about music, love and roller coasters.

Kingdom Bound 2017 - Kari Jobe

07.27.17 | Terese Main

Headlining the Night of Worship at Kingdom Bound was Kari Jobe. She shared about the loss of her sister's baby and the impact that loss had on the writing of her latest album, The Garden.

Kingdom Bound 2017 - We Are Messengers

07.27.17 | Terese Main

Darren Mulligan is lead singer of We Are Messengers. The Irishman talked with Terese about the message God has called him to share, and about why he is learning to love America.

Revive Us with Kirk Cameron

07.27.17 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny chats with actor, director, and producer Kirk Cameron about his latest project.

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