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Kids Corner: Is It Foolish To Believe?

04.01.18 | Matt Jackson

Artie is having a great time climbing Mr. Jacob's tree, but Patty and Holly aren't sure he should be trusting all of those branches. Join our friends this week as they discuss if it's wise to trust someone we can't see.

Family Life Mornings Week of 3/19/18

03.24.18 | Family Life Mornings

Start every weekday morning with Steve, Terese and Randy for the encouragement you need for your day. This week, a world clapping record, strange pets and odd nicknames. Take a listen for what you might have missed.

Kids Corner: Celebrating The Returning King

03.24.18 | Matt Jackson

Joy and Ashley are throwing a surprise party for their good friend Laura, but they soon discover that when you don't know when someone is showing up, it's hard to surprise them. Join our friends as they talk about someone else coming, and what's taking Him so long to get here.

Family Life Report 3-22-18

03.22.18 | Rick Snavely


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