Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute- Let's all act like this!

07.18.17 | Steve Smith

If the day is not going the way you want, time to switch the attitude.

Kids Corner: Using our Talents (Summer Drama Show)

07.15.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the second Drama show of the season, and this week the kids want to know what kinds of talents can we use to bring glory to God?

Got A Minute- What's for Lunch?

07.11.17 | Steve Smith

What does Peanut Butter have to do with time spent with God? Let's find out.

Kids Corner: Memorizing the Bible (Summer Drama Show)

07.08.17 | Matt Jackson

It's the first show of this year's drama show, and this year Ashley is memorizing her lines. Does memorizing things help or is she wasting her time?

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