Family Life Podcasts

Why Motherhood Matters

02.23.18 | Terese Main

Mothering isn't for the faint of heart. In a new book, Why Motherhood Matters, September McCarthy shares with Terese Main how moms are supposed to help each other out, quit comparing, and trust God for the future of our children.

Got A Minute- Looking for God today?

02.20.18 | Steve Smith

You just never know where you'll find God, but if you look for Him, He's there.

Family Life Mornings Week of 2/12/18

02.17.18 | Family Life Mornings

Take a listen back to this week on Family Life Mornings. From online eye exams and turn signals to a new antibiotic and the reason you don't have to shower or bathe anymore! Steve, Terese & Randy have your family covered.

Kids Corner: The Ticket

02.17.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes the people we look up to the most, can let us down the most. This week Fern and Holly find out something terrible about Mr. Jacobs and they wonder if they can trust him anymore.

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