Family Life Podcasts

Hometown Heroes- Brian and Jim Fletcher

09.02.15 | Bill Price

Brian and Jim Fletcher – brothers separated at birth and reunited 70 years later. Brian is from Unadilla, NY – his brother Jim lives in Montana. They were reunited for the first time this week and share their story with Family Life’s Bill Price

News Feature- Struggling with Sexual Sin

09.01.15 | Bob Price

Pastor Craig Gross of Los Angeles has created a new web-based church . It’s to help people who are struggling with sexual sin …Namely pornography. He spoke recently with our own Bob Price.

Kids Corner: God's instructions

08.29.15 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes God's directions are pretty easy to understand... but not always. This week Ian and Bailey are baking a pie, and learn a little bit about grace and obedience.

Faith Under Fire- Gay Pride Day At The New York State Fair

08.27.15 | Sarah Harnisch

This year, the New York State Fair will boast "Pride Day"-- with a parade and recognition for the LGBT lifestyle, on Friday, August 28th.

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