Family Life Podcasts

Faith Under Fire- Faith In The Nation's Capital

09.03.15 | Sarah Harnisch

Lawmakers head back to Washington D.C. this week. Family Life's Sarah Harnisch sat down with 5th district Congressman Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania, to talk about faith in our nation's capital.

Hometown Heroes- Brian and Jim Fletcher

09.02.15 | Bill Price

Brian and Jim Fletcher – brothers separated at birth and reunited 70 years later. Brian is from Unadilla, NY – his brother Jim lives in Montana. They were reunited for the first time this week and share their story with Family Life’s Bill Price

News Feature- Struggling with Sexual Sin

09.01.15 | Bob Price

Pastor Craig Gross of Los Angeles has created a new web-based church . It’s to help people who are struggling with sexual sin …Namely pornography. He spoke recently with our own Bob Price.

Kids Corner: God's instructions

08.29.15 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes God's directions are pretty easy to understand... but not always. This week Ian and Bailey are baking a pie, and learn a little bit about grace and obedience.

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