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Family Life Mornings Week Of 10/29/18

How would you like to be 10,000 days old? That's just one thing Steve, Terese & Randy talked about this week. Check out their podcast to hear about a pretty super woman, how Randy got his flip phone back and the whole week's Roar Wheel contestants. It's a fun way to start the day!

Capitol Connection Live

11.03.18 | Family Life

A panel discussion with Christian lobbyists Jason McGuire and Michael Geer, along with a Q&A session moderated by the Family Life news team gave voters a chance to find out where NY and PA candidates stand on the issues.

Kids Corner: When people look up to you

11.03.18 | Matt Jackson

Veronica has been chosen to be team captain! This might sound fun to Kyle, but he's got a lot to learn about being in places of responsibility.

Got A Minute- Feed the Frog

10.30.18 | Steve Smith

The toad sure was a lover of food. Plus, he was good at catching and eating it. Let's find out more.

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