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Kids Corner: God's Reminders

05.26.18 | Matt Jackson

Miss Fiona is taking care of Flin for the weekend, and she's counting on a lot of reminders so she doesn't forget anything. This brings up the question... does god give us reminders? Find out this week!

Family Life Mornings Week of 5/14/18

05.19.18 | Family Life Mornings

It's always fun waking up with Steve, Terese & Randy. This week catch up with everything from joggeling to wasp belly drumming, from the best last round of golf to a cute kid who didn't quite get the lyrics right. It's a listen back to Family Life Mornings.

Kids Corner: Is There A Verse For That?

05.19.18 | Matt Jackson

Whenever kids have a question they know they can Mr. Jacobs, and usually he has a bible verse to explain things... but is there a bible verse about everything? Let's find out together!

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