Family Life Podcasts

Kids Corner: Learning From Mistakes

01.12.19 | Matt Jackson

When we make bad decisions, it can make things really hard. Ashley's learning this truth firsthand and Mr. Jacobs is trying to help. Is there any hope in this situation? Listen in to find out!

Family Life Mornings Week Of 12/31/18

01.05.19 | Family Life Mornings

Who should get out of bed first--husbands or wives? Find out with Steve, Terese & Randy. Plus how to say "No," and the story behind Beefy Beenie Chili Bake. Check out some of this week's finest, funnest moments!

Kids Corner: Changes

01.05.19 | Matt Jackson

Things are always changing, but at the same time when New Year's comes around it doesn't seem all that different. This week Mr. Jacobs and the kids talk about why changes can be important.

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