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Kids Corner: Is Truth Real?

06.01.19 | Matt Jackson

Imagination is super cool. With it you can pretty much make anything happen, but where does imagination stop and truth begin? Does believing something is true make it that way? Is that what faith is? There are a lot of hard questions this week, and Mr. Jacob does his best to give good answers!

Family Life Mornings Week of 5/20/19

05.25.19 | Family Life Mornings

From staying married for the sake of the kids, to going to a movie with your best friend, Steve, Terese and Randy get your day started with a good thought, and a good laugh. Check out what you might have missed on this week's podcast.

Kids Corner: How Do I Find Good Friends?

05.25.19 | Matt Jackson

When Everett's new friends tell him that they saw a mysterious beast in the woods, he goes on an expedition! Join him and Ashley as they look for the creature, and learn about finding good friends!

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