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Kids Corner 9_7_19 – Respect Your Elders

09.07.19 | Tim Powers

Moving isn't usually fun... Veronica's dad is moving their family - again - and she's having a hard time with it. Mr. Jacobs has some good advice for how (and why) to respect people older than us. Meanwhile, the gang says goodbye to a friend for now...

Family Life Mornings Week of 9/2/19

09.05.19 | Family Life Mornings

From a duck that can't waddle to a rover that needs a name, count on Steve, Terese & Randy to start your day with a smile. Check out some moments you might have missed this week.

The Latest With Laura Story

09.04.19 | Terese Main

Laura Story is a busy woman! But despite all that she has going on, her eyes are fixed on God. In this new season of surrender, she is putting her thoughts into writing--both a book and new music. Listen as she talks with Terese Main about everything from Back-to-School to Valentine's plans.

Kids Corner 8-31 – Why to Do Hard Things

08.31.19 | Tim Powers

Ever get signed up for something you weren’t too excited about? That’s how Artie feels about the swimming lessons his parents are sending him to. Should we keep trying when something seems too hard? Mr. Jacobs gives his personal insight on the topic.

Family Life Mornings Week of 8/26/19

08.31.19 | Family Life Mornings

From the cutest little munchkins to family you didn't know you had in South Sudan; breakfast at the bus stop and breakfast cookies--Steve, Terese & Randy start your day with a smile on Family Life.

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