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Kids Corner 8/10/19 - Overcoming Evil with Good

08.10.19 | Tim Powers

What do you do when you’re picked on? Be mean back? Ignore the nasty comments? What if neither of those things work? Well, that’s Gwen’s problem. Now – what does Mr. Jacobs have to say about it?

Kids Corner 9/3/19 -Do Not Be Overcome By Evil

08.03.19 | Tim Powers

Summer camp is great, isn’t it? Well, Ashley isn’t so sure about that when one of her friends goes to a summer camp that isn’t a Christian one. Veronica, Holly and Mr. Jacobs all chime in for an interesting discussion on being God’s light in the world.

Family Life Mornings Week of 7/29/19

08.03.19 | Family Life Mornings

From the info you need to the laughs you love, count on Steve, Terese & Randy to start your day off right every weekday. This week they shared tips on keeping your home safe when you're on vacation and looked back at the "good ol' days." Check out what you may have missed!

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