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Family Life Mornings Week of 2/11/19

02.16.19 | Family Life Mornings

We had a lot of fun this week on Family Life Mornings. From a cold elixir that's probably already in your cupboards to an accent your kids might be picking up. Listen in for what you might have mixed this week with Steve, Terese & Randy.

Kids Corner: Is Love Always Mushy?

02.16.19 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes when we talk about loving others, it sounds like a lot of valentines to send. But this week, Mr. Jacobs explains that love is a little more than hearts and flowers.

Kids Corner: Waiting for Spring

02.09.19 | Matt Jackson

Winter can be fun, but Everett and Kyle are a little tired of it. When will it end!? Why do we have to wait? Why doesn't God bring spring sooner?

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