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Kids Corner: How can I have Peace?

09.22.18 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes life can be busy, sometimes it can be scary, and sometimes it can be annoying... but how are we supposed to be peaceful through it all?

Family Life Mornings Week Of 9/10/18

09.15.18 | Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy always start your day with a smile. This week they celebrated National Haiku Day...only it isn't. Plus a not-so-delicious way to hide veggies in frozen meals. Catch up with what you may have missed!

Kids Corner: How Good Do We Need To be?

09.15.18 | Matt Jackson

The school soccer team is having tryouts and veronica wants to join... but at the same time she doesn't think she's good enough. While trying to comfort her friend, Carson figures out that these fears aren't just about soccer.

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