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Kids Corner: Waiting for Jesus

03.23.19 | Matt Jackson

Joy and Carson are worried. Has Miss Fiona forgotten their plans to go swimming? It sure has taken her a long time to show up, which reminds Mr. Jacobs of another group of people who were waiting for someone to arrive.

Family Life Mornings Week of 3/18/19

03.22.19 | Family Life Mornings

This week we celebrated the First Day of Spring! That means you'll be seeing your neighbors more. We also learned how to properly stir tea and hear about a new Rubik's Cube record. And thanks for the help on naming the doggie swim trunks! Catch up on what you might have missed on Family Life...

Kids Corner: Is Revenge Wrong?

03.16.19 | Matt Jackson

When people treat us badly, it's really tempting to want revenge. This week Artie is looking for a way to get back at his older brother, and the rest of the kids don't know if that's what God wants us to do.

Family Life Mornings Week of 3/11/19

03.15.19 | Family Life Mornings

Did you miss some of Family Life Mornings this week? Catch up with what you might have missed from Steve, Terese & Randy.

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