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15 Terese Talk: Galentine's Day

02.09.21 | Terese Main

February 13th is a great day to celebrate the female friendships in your life! It's Galentines Day! Terese has some fun ways to celebrate the gals God has given us to do life with.

085: Family Life Mornings

02.06.21 | Family Life Mornings

Where did all the Grape Nuts go? One of the members of our show ate them! Plus, we found out how you're feeling in the wake of the pandemic. Join us for what you might have missed withe Steve, Terese & Randy this week.

14 Terese Talk: Snack Food Faith

02.02.21 | Terese Main

February is National Snack Food Month. Whether you're stocking up for the Big Game, or replenishing your pandemic snack pile, there's a lot we can learn about our faith by taking a stroll down the grocery store aisles. Join Terese for a fun trip in this week's episode.

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