Family Life Podcasts

Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Event

09.18.15 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny chats with David Murrow, author of "Why Do Men Hate Going To Church?"

Capital Connection- Wage Hike and the Fairness Act

09.18.15 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute talk about the issues in the news the past week from Albany and Harrisburg

When God Doesn't Fix It with Laura Story

09.17.15 | Family Life Mornings

Life hasn't been picture perfect for Laura Story. Still, she chooses to praise God in the midst of her trials. She talks with Terese Main about her new book "When God Doesn't Fix It."

Faith Under Fire- Fashion Compassion: Providing Work For The Needy

09.17.15 | Sarah Harnisch

Fashion Compassion is a ministry that helps low income women out of poverty, by giving them natural resources to make jewelry.

Ultimate Date Night

09.17.15 | Family Life Mornings

Ultimate Date Night is coming to four locations in our area. Jay and Laura Lafoon talked with Terese Main about what the night will be like. From the seasons of marriage to what we're doing right!


09.16.15 | Family Life Mornings

The hashtag #MarriageAdviceIn3Words has gone viral on Twitter. What do YOU think is some good advice for married couples? Keep it short...just a few words...maybe three.

News Feature- The fight against Sex Trafficking

09.16.15 | Bob Price

Cathyln Cole with the Potters' Hands Foundation shares how you can help build a shelter for victims of sex trafficking in the Southern Tier

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