Family Life Podcasts

An Evening with Chip Ingram

10.22.19 | Chip Ingram

Pastor Chip Ingram, and host of Living on the Edge, joined Family Life for a sold-out event after our day-long Pastor's Conference. He spoke on what the Bible says about culture and how you can help the movement of truth move forward.

Kids Corner- What is Wisdom? 10-19-19

10.19.19 | Tim Powers

Party’s are fun- but planning them? Not so much. That’s what Bailey’s up to, and she’s separating the good ideas for party games from the bad ones. It starts a conversation about what wisdom means in the Bible; it might be different than you think!

Kids Corner 10_12_19 – The Exodus: A Drama

10.12.19 | Tim Powers

The Kids Corner gang goes on an imagination adventure to the Old Testament times. But what can a kid learn from a story about Israelite's wandering in the desert? Come along on the journey and find out!

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