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026: Family Life Mornings

11.16.19 | Family Life Mornings

From the right time to put up lights and watch Christmas movies to a really old Twinkie, count on Steve, Terese & Randy to start your day with a smile! Subscribe through your favorite podcast player, so you don't miss a moment!

Kids Corner - Faith Still Works

11.16.19 | Tim Powers

Waiting...waiting... Kyle and Everett are doing just that to see if they'll win a mail-in "ancient treasure" prize! If they just believe enough, will it happen? Mr. Jacobs explains why faith doesn't quite work that way... (Scripture: Hebrews 11, Matthew 17, Luke 18)

03: Ten Mintues With...Josh Wilson

He's a pretty amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist. Josh Wilson will be spending his birthday with us, in Pulaski, NY. Listen as Randy Snavley digs into to discover some thing about Josh that you may not have known.

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