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075: Family Life Mornings

11.21.20 | Family Life Mornings

It's Thanksgiving week and Steve, Terese & Randy have all sort of help for you to have the best holiday EVER! There are secret stuffing ingredients, a poll to unlock your personality via your favorite side dish, and twelve days of leftovers ready to put into effect! Family Life Mornings is a...

009: Ten Minutes With...Austin French

11.20.20 | Terese Main

He's not even 30, but already Austin French has a lot of life figured out. He has reconciled with God and his parents after they divorced while he was in the 3rd Grade. Now, a man with his own wife and kids, he finds family more important than ever. He writes about his experiences in his songs...

074: Family Life Mornings

11.14.20 | Family Life Mornings

Imagine having lunch while getting your hair styled. Maybe it isn't such a bird-brained idea. Plus, Steve, Terese and Randy analyze your sleep and your handwriting. Check out what you might have missed this week. Family Life Mornings is a morning radio show on Family Life, a network of...

Seussical Situations

11.12.20 | Family Life Mornings

There once was a girl who lived not far awayAnd she looked out her window on a fine sunny day. But all was not sunny, at least not in her mindFor the people around her were mean and unkind. Now this wasn’t news, people are often mean.But the times that they weren’t seemed few and...

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