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Capitol Connection Live

11.03.18 | Family Life

A panel discussion with Christian lobbyists Jason McGuire and Michael Geer, along with a Q&A session moderated by the Family Life news team gave voters a chance to find out where NY and PA candidates stand on the issues.

Kids Corner: When people look up to you

11.03.18 | Matt Jackson

Veronica has been chosen to be team captain! This might sound fun to Kyle, but he's got a lot to learn about being in places of responsibility.

Got A Minute- Feed the Frog

10.30.18 | Steve Smith

The toad sure was a lover of food. Plus, he was good at catching and eating it. Let's find out more.

Family Life Mornings Week of 10/22/18

10.27.18 | Family Life Mornings

You know it's going to be a good week when it starts out with a 50 pound nose statue! And it just went downhill from there. Steve, Terese & Randy shared about the world's most famous nanny, how to stretch $20 and the difference between and electoral and an electrical college. Don't miss a...

Kids Corner: Scaredy Friends

10.27.18 | Matt Jackson

What do you do when something you like scares one of your friends and they don't want to join you? Should you tell them to deal with it? Should you find something else to do? Let's see what Mr. Jacobs has to say about it.

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