Family Life Podcasts

034: Family Life Mornings

01.18.20 | Family Life Mornings

Do you dress your dog or cat up? Has dressing pets gone too far? Family Life Mornings talks about that along with news about which grade as the hardest in school, and a crazy dream about Justin Beiber. Plus, who will live longer: Steve, Terese, or Randy. We've got the answer in this week's podcast.

02 Terese Talk: Carol McLeod

01.14.20 | Terese Main

Welcome to Terese Talk, a journey through faith, finances, food and life. In this episode, we’ll get encouraged by author and speaker Carol McLeod. You’ll also learn about a community at a money-saving grocery chain, and learn how Terese's family is cutting pasta from their plates. Plus, there’s...

033: Family Life Mornings

01.11.20 | Family Life Mornings

If you touch a baby bird, will it be abandoned by it's mother? Find out with "Truth or Myth?" Just one of the fun moments we had this week on Family Life Mornings. Steve, Terese & Randy also have help for your leftovers and a reason why your family should switch to whole milk. Check out our...

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