Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute- A checkup? I feel fine.

06.09.15 | Steve Smith

Will you see a Doctor if you feel just fine?

New York City Grand Prize Winner

06.08.15 | Family Life Mornings

How cool is God? He blessed our grand prize winner with JUST the right prize and JUST the right time!

Kids Corner: Forgiveness

06.06.15 | Matt Jackson

Zach is in trouble. Mr. Jacobs is about to get home, and Zach hasn't even come close to doing all of the work that he was hired to finish. Join us to see what happens in the conclusion of this two week special!

LEAH 2015: Susan Chrisman

06.05.15 | Terese Main

With 25-years of homeschooling experience, Susan Chrisman has learned much about homeschooling. She now shares her expertise with others.

LEAH 2015: Jeni Chase

06.05.15 | Terese Main

Jeni Chase is a ladies and marriage conference speaker who manages to infuse joy into her life, despite many trials. She shares on embracing, and spreading God's hope.

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