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Family Life Singles Conference

01.25.16 | Randy Snavely

Join Family Life for a weekend just for single adults. It's February 26-28 in Painted Post, NY

Family Life Report 1-25-16

01.25.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 1/25/16

Kids Corner: Always Being Right.

01.23.16 | Matt Jackson

Having the right answers is a good thing especially when it comes to tests at school or in game shows, but when does being smart turn into being a "Know-it-all"? Find out today as the kids explore what the bible says about being wise in your own eyes.

Family Life Report 1-22-16

01.22.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 1/22/16

Family Life Report 1-21-16

01.21.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 1/21/16

Family Life Report 1-20-16

01.20.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 1/20/16

Got A Minute-Let's go Fishing!!

01.19.16 | Steve Smith

If you like to fish, you should understand and love this story.

Family Life Report 1-19-16

01.19.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 1/19/16

Kids Corner: Thinking before talking

01.16.16 | Matt Jackson

Mr. Jacobs' grand-nieces Fern and Holly are spending the weekend at his house and are trying to find ways to stay entertained, and Mr. Jacobs' books of "Mad-libs" aren't working. This week, come along for the adventure as the Kids Corner Gang learns a little about what a Grand-niece is, and a...

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