Got A Minute-Listen, just listen!

06.18.13 | Steve Smith

Our job is to just listen sometimes. Not fix, just listen.

Capital Connection: Saving Sarah Murnaghan

06.17.13 | Bob Price

Mike Geer with the PA Family Institute discusses the controversial organ transplant to save the life of the 10 year old girl.

The Real Win

06.12.13 | Sonny Delfyette

Colt McCoy is an NFL QB today, but when he was at the University of Texas he knew he needed a Spiritual mentor. Sonny had a chance to chat about that process in this interview that all men should hear.

Christian Apologetics: Equipping young people to defend their faith at college

06.12.13 | Bob Price

Mark Schenker, the founder of "Ratio-Christi" talks about his unique ministry that teaches churches how to equip young people to defend their faith in college

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