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Kids Corner: Gideon

11.07.15 | Matt Jackson

Another bible story special with the Kids Corner Gang! This week hear about a great man that faced impossible odds and won because He listened to God's calling.

John Schneider talks about Adrenaline the movie

11.06.15 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny shares a lot of laughs with actor John Schneider (Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard.

Family Life Report 11-6-15

11.06.15 | Rick Snavely

There's always something going on at Family Life! Hear the latest report every weekday at 11:03am and 6:03pm on Family Life.

Kids Corner: All Hallows Eve

10.31.15 | Matt Jackson

Bailey and her cousin Veronica are really excited about going trick-or-treating, but Ashley is determined to convince them that Christians should have nothing to do with Halloween. Join the gang this week as Mr. Jacobs explains the history of this foreboding holiday and what the bible says about...

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