Family Life Podcasts

Got A Minute-Coloring Outside the Lines

03.10.15 | Steve Smith

We get used to coloring inside the lines. Is that always good?

What does a teacher make?

03.10.15 | Family Life Mornings

At a dinner party, a teacher was asked what they make. Turns out, it's not about the money.

Kids Corner: Time Management

03.07.15 | Matt Jackson

Sometimes we are told that doing things like watching movies and playing games are a waste of time, but this week the kids learn that wasting time can also look like doing something productive.

Got A Minute- Putting that Bible verse into real life

03.03.15 | Steve Smith

The Bible verse you learn can change your life.

11-Year Old Music Review: Jeremy Camp "I Will Follow"

03.02.15 | Family Life Mornings

Our resident music expert takes a listen to the latest from Jeremy Camp.

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